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    To see the real value of a business, you need to look beyond the financial statements. Since our founding in 1979, we’ve taken the long view – acquiring and investing in solidly performing companies nationwide, led by owners with unique vision and strong ethics.

    That’s the kind of company that provides the greatest opportunity for successful development over time.

    We’re RAF. And we’re a different kind of equity.

    Build relationships

    Just as important as building the underlying business

    Indelible company culture

    Benefits shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities

    pursuit of growth
    Long-term vision

    Prioritizing a company’s best long-term interests over short-term gains

    Values focus

    Support founders

    We create world-class companies whose success is our success

    Longer time horizon

    Added advantage over private equity funds, which usually try to maximize value within short time horizons


    Flexibility that differs from investors who may stick to their own cultural and operating norms


    Entrepreneurs can run the show without sacrificing value-added services that support long-term success


    Long-term equity investors

    No return capital to investors needed for liquidity purposes

    Umbrella credit facility

    Continued investments in working capital/capital expenditures grow underlying business indefinitely

    No financing contingency for new acquisitions

    Helps us move quickly through the M&A process

    No principal repayment obligations

    We weather cycles and economic downturns when traditional private equity can’t

    Low interest rate borrowing

    Made possible by our distinct cross-collateralization structure

    Capital structure

    Experience with entrepreneurs

    Helps with critical decisions throughout business life cycle

    Digital marketing

    Advanced BI tools and best-in-class vendors for data analytics and optimization

    Sourcing/supply chain support

    Handled through our China-based RAF ASIA

    Acquisition support

    Proactive sourcing of prospective add-ons – most companies have completed at least one add-on during their tenure

    Benefits/value-added services

    RAF-sponsored health insurance and 401(k) plans; general liability, property, casualty and worker’s compensation policies

    Support services


    Est. 1979; executive team average tenure of 20+ years; many companies held for 10+ years

    No scheduled principal payments

    No new acquisition approval needed since financing is provided by an eight-bank syndicate

    No pre-determined hold periods

    Partners can focus on building great companies


    Our difference in action add remove

    Where other private equity firms see a transaction, we see a long-term relationship and bold possibilities. Learn more about us from our portfolio company partners, who tell us why they trust RAF.

    US Tape on: Long-range perspective

    Road Widener on: Expertise

    Campania International on: Partnership

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