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    We take a patient investment approach that’s supported by our unique capital structure. Our acquisition model focuses primarily on entrepreneurial ventures and companies led by strong management teams with a history of growth and potential for acceleration.

    Portfolio company leaders depend on us for proactive sourcing of prospective add-ons, with most RAF companies having completed at least one add-on during their tenure with us.

    We’re RAF. And we’re a different kind of equity.

    Acquisition criteria

    • Strong management teams led by dedicated, best-in-class, executive-level talent

    • Demonstrated history of growth and potential for acceleration, coupled with strong profitability

    • Desirable end markets and favorable distribution channels, with strong brands preferred

    • Entrepreneur-owned businesses
      (our sweet spot but not required)

    • Target platform financial metrics:
      EBITDA of $5-20mm with margins of 10%+

    General areas of interest

    • Consumer Products

    • Building & DIY Products

    • Healthcare products and services

    • Specialty Leasing

    • Defense and Public Safety

    • Capital Equipment

    • Fitness and Recreation

    • Health and Wellness

    • Business Services

    • Industrial Products

    • Environmental & Geotechnical products and services

    • Food and Beverage

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