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    Over 40+ years of investing, we’ve supported nearly three dozen total platforms and successfully managed more than 40 add-on acquisitions. Take a look at our portfolio, listed by sector with current and exit companies shown within each sector.

    Building & DIY products add remove


    Darien, Wisconsin • David J. Ring, CEO

    Ligchine™ designs and manufactures highly reliable laser-guided screeds using cutting-edge technology to automate the process of flat finishing concrete. Manufactured in the USA, this equipment is essential in the construction of every structure, building, warehouse or facility that requires a flat floor. The product portfolio is comprised of a full line of high-performance boom-operated screeds and a new revolutionary drive-in machine that offers the greatest mobility and highest flatness numbers ever achieved by a drive-in machine.

    Materials Marketing Corporation

    San Antonio, Texas • Tim Roberts, President

    Materials Marketing Corporation is America’s oldest, largest and only fully integrated manufacturer of hand-carved architectural and dimensional stone products. The company, which owns and operates showrooms in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, TX; Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; Chicago, Hinsdale and Vernon Hills, IL; Pasadena, Redondo Beach and Newport Beach, CA., sells its extensive product line to custom homebuilders, architects and designers.

    Occidental Leather*

    Sonoma County, California • Peter A. Rosenquist, President

    Founded in 1980, Occidental has set the quality standard in the tool belt industry and has earned the reputation of having no equal. Leveraging almost 40 years of field-testing, the company uses only the best materials available. Dedicated to superior solutions through quality tool bag designs, Occidental creates products used by framing carpenters, finish carpenters and electricians, mostly working in the residential housing industry. Customers prefer Occidental products for their durability, comfort and functionality – and because the company remains dedicated to its “Made in the USA” mandate.


    *Operating with U.S. Tape as two segments of one combined business

    Road Widener

    Delafield, Wisconsin • Lynn Marsh, President

    Founded by two road construction veterans who experienced firsthand the frustrations of not having the right equipment for the job, Road Widener makes equipment that industry professionals wish existed. Growing production from a two-car garage in 2007 to a state-of-the-art facility in Wisconsin, the company holds a dozen patents in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. It continues to improve existing lines and develop additional innovative road construction products.

    U.S. Tape*

    Pennsburg, Pennsylvania • Peter A. Rosenquist, President

    U.S. Tape, founded in 1876, manufactures and distributes high-quality contractor-grade tape measures and specialty tools, which incorporate several patented and proprietary features to provide superior durability and utility. The company’s products are available under the Stringliner, Spencer™, DuraWheel, DuraMark, Rhino, Centerpoint® and U.S. Tape brand names and, on a private-label basis, in home centers, hardware and value stores and industrial catalogs nationwide.


    *Operating with Occidental Leather as two segments of one combined business

    Ferche Millwork, Inc.

    Rice, Minnesota and Mount Pleasant, Tennessee

    Ferche Millwork is the largest manufacturer of oak moldings in North America. Product lines include casings, jambs, cabinet parts, railings, balusters, stair parts and veneers. Ferche is a vertically integrated company with manufacturing facilities augmented by a lumber drying and sorting facility.
    Sold to Osprey Capital, July 2021

    Grubb Lumber Company

    Wilmington, Delaware

    Grubb Lumber Company sells lumber, sheet goods and other top-quality building materials through its full-service facilities. Its regional network of inventory locations enables the company to meet the most exacting schedules and have the material on site when needed. Grubb Lumber delivers whole trucks, mixed loads and daily fill-in quantities direct to job sites.
    Sold to 84 Lumber

    Purdy Corporation/Bestt Liebco Corporation

    Portland, Oregon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

    Purdy Corporation produces the world’s finest handcrafted painting tools and accessories, which are distributed nationally and internationally through specialty paint stores, hardware stores and home centers. Bestt Liebco manufactures quality paintbrushes, rollers and accessories, which are distributed nationally through specialty paint stores and home centers.


    Majority interest in Paint Sundries Group sold to Bessemer Holdings, August 1998


    Entire business unit sold to Sherwin Williams, August 2004


    Rutherford, New Jersey

    Steamist has a rich 50-year history of manufacturing steam bath products for the commercial and residential markets. The well-recognized Steamist product line is carried by leading distributors, retailers and wholesalers of plumbing products throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.
    Sold to Masco, July 2021

    WEB Products, Inc.

    Creola, Alabama

    WEB Products manufactures a full line of air filter products. Founded in 1989 with a single line of high-efficiency filters, the company has expanded to include furnace filters, air conditioning filters and filters designed specifically to reduce allergens. WEB Products also offers scented air filtration pads and other accessories.


    Sold to Strategic Industry Executive, [RAF TO ADD DATE]

    Consumer products add remove

    Campania International

    Pennsburg, Pennsylvania • Glenn Appel, President

    This upscale designer/manufacturer/distributor sells exclusive cast stone, polyethylene and terracotta garden accents – from planters and bird baths to benches, fountains and more – directly to fine retailers and specialty catalogs.


    Kingston, Ontario, and Las Vegas, Nevada • Ken Clement, CEO

    A global leader in the industry, Hayabusa specializes in combat equipment and technical fight apparel, meticulously researched and designed for a new era of martial artists, boxers and fitness enthusiasts. Founded in 2006, the company has become known for its boxing gloves as the gold standard in hand protection and comfort for professional fighters and fitness boxing/kickboxing enthusiasts around the world.

    Priority Bicycles

    New York, New York • David Weiner, President

    Priority Bicycles manufactures and sells award-winning bicycles for cruising, commuting and for kids. The company was founded on a vision to create a hassle-free, everyday bike for recreational riders that would be affordable and low-maintenance. Their wide range of products are easy to buy, assemble and ride – sold exclusively online and backed by expert customer service offered 365 days a year. The company also offers a full line of lightweight, rust-resistant, customizable fleet bicycles for guests at leading inns and resorts in the U.S. and around the world.


    Phoenix, Arizona • Greg Tipsord, CEO

    Spellbinders is a worldwide leader in the arts and crafts industry. Focused on the paper crafting segment, the company is best known for its line of paper-cutting dies, folders, roller machines and mixed-media products. Along with Journey Blooms, a multi-level marketing company that focuses exclusively on the arts and crafts industry, the company combines innovative technology with world-class creative inspiration to help unlock the inner creativity of all paper crafting consumers.


    Denver, Colorado• Scott Hagen, CEO

    In 1906, the Victor Talking Machine Company introduced the American public to the magic of modern sound with its innovative turntable. Today, its ancestor, Victrola, continues to innovate in the sphere of music, community and artistry with sleek, stylish machines that meet modern standards of quality and compatibility. Since Victrola’s humble beginnings over a century ago, its goal has been to marry the sophistication of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow – everything from the vintage look of a classic record player with Bluetooth compatibility to a robust speaker system for outdoor patios.

    Big Sky Carvers

    Bozeman, Montana

    Big Sky Carvers, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of nature-themed gift items, including wood sculptures of ducks, fish and bears and whimsical plush and resin gifts featuring wildlife creatures. Big Sky Carvers sells primarily to specialty gift retailers, tourist attractions, national park gift stores, mass merchants and outdoor equipment and apparel retailers and catalogues.

    Sold to Montana Silversmiths, Inc., June 2005

    Club Colors

    Schaumberg, Illinois

    Club Colors sells value-added, resort-style apparel and promotional products to leading corporations throughout the United States for marketing and incentive uses. Club Colors has an extensive line of custom-manufactured logo sportswear and specialties. The company offers customized print and online catalogs, custom embroidery and imprinting, program reporting, warehousing and fulfillment.

    Sold to CID Capital, July 2007

    Cool Gear Internationaltion

    Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Cool Gear is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative hydration bottles and food storage containers that feature patented, embedded freezer gel elements to keep drinks and food cold. The company sells its products to big-box retailers, drug store chains, supermarkets and gift stores in 15 countries around the world.


    Sold to Acon Investments/Igloo, December 2014.

    Smartwool Corporation

    Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    Smartwool manufactures high-performance Merino wool socks and other apparel products marketed under the Smartwool® name. Smartwool products are designed for specific athletic and other outdoor activities.

    Sold to The Timberland Company, December 2005

    Healthcare add remove

    Technical Gas Products

    Wallingford, Connecticut • Joseph Smith, CEO

    Technical Gas Products specializes in a full range of respiratory solutions, primarily to sub-acute, rehabilitation and convalescent facilities throughout the Midwestern and Northeastern United States. The company’s services include providing onsite respiratory therapists, pulmonary care, portable oxygen equipment, service and preventive maintenance, clinical education and the delivery of USP-grade liquid oxygen through its proprietary micro-bulk O2 Safe system.

    Freedom Medical

    Exton, Pennsylvania • Mike Boylan, CEO

    Freedom Medical is a leading provider of biomedical rental equipment and related outsourced support services to hospitals and long-term care centers throughout the U.S. The company’s biomedical equipment offerings include critical care equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, patient monitoring equipment, newborn care equipment and specialty beds. Through its nationwide branch network Freedom Medical is able to provide a broad product offering, outstanding support services and competitive pricing to its valued customer base.

    Geotechnical/Environmental Services add remove

    Geo-Solutions, Inc.

    New Kensington, Pennsylvania • Bob Schindler, CEO

    Geo-Solutions is a leading provider of highly specialized geotechnical services to the global environmental and civil engineering industries. The company’s environmentally friendly services and technologies assist engineers, consultants, contractors and site owners by providing cost-effective, practical solutions for difficult soil and groundwater problems. Examples include the use of slurry walls, biopolymer drains and in-situ soil mixing to remedy contaminated sites, leaky dams/levees and soft ground conditions.

    Earth Tech

    Land O’Lakes, Florida

    Earth Tech, an industry-leading soil remediation firm, is a multi-generational business completing over 3,000 residential and commercial projects throughout the southeastern United States since 1991. The company’s technical expertise and services include cement and chemical grouting, steel underpinning and vibro-compaction to remedy loose soils in the earth.


    Industrial Products add remove

    No current companies to show

    Bar-Plate Manufacturing, Inc.

    Woodbridge, Connecticut

    Bar-Plate designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for the box making, die making, die cutting and printing industries.


    Disston Precision, Inc.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Founded in 1865, Disston Precision manufactures highly specialized flat steel products, including valve discs and other replacement parts for compressors and pumps, industrial saw blades for cutting all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and press plates for finishing fiber, plastic and rubber products.

    Sold to private entrepreneur, December 2013

    Public Safety/Defense Technology add remove

    Blue Line Solutions

    Chattanooga, Tennessee • Mark Hutchinson, CEO

    Founded by former law enforcement officer Mark Hutchinson, Blue Line Solutions offers the industry’s first and only fully integrated “360° Situational Awareness System” platform. This patented design ensures better transparency by securely capturing, uploading and storing a complete 360° view of an event. The company’s intuitive, proprietary evidence management software service complements its camera offerings across various public safety platforms. Blue Line proudly outfits police and military personnel utilizing revolutionary technology for all body worn, in-dash car, helmet, K-9 and fixed surveillance camera needs.

    MILSPRAY Military Technologies

    Lakewood, New Jersey • Liz Shivers, CEO/President

    MILSPRAY is an accomplished defense company specializing in high-performance and special-purpose military coatings and RESET services. The company offers products and services that protect military personnel and their tactical vehicles, aircraft, cutters and boats, along with field-deployable RESET facilities and personnel.

    Bar-Plate Manufacturing, Inc.

    Woodbridge, Connecticut

    Bar-Plate designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for the box making, die making, die cutting and printing industries.


    Disston Precision, Inc.

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Founded in 1865, Disston Precision manufactures highly specialized flat steel products, including valve discs and other replacement parts for compressors and pumps, industrial saw blades for cutting all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and press plates for finishing fiber, plastic and rubber products.

    Sold to private entrepreneur, December 2013

    Specialty Leasing add remove

    No current companies to show

    Pine Environmental Services, Inc.

    Windsor, New Jersey

    The company leases and sells air and water monitors, soil gas analyzers and other equipment and supplies to environmental consulting and engineering firms, contractors, government agencies and colleges. Pine services its customers through 10 locations: eight domestic and two Canadian.

    Sold to Saw Mill Capital, [RAF TO ADD DATE]

    Weldship Corporation

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Gainesville, Texas

    Weldship Corporation, with facilities in Bethlehem, PA and Gainesville, TX, supplies tube trailers, gas assemblies and CO2 transports to industrial gas manufacturers, their independent distributors and specialty chemical producers. Products are available for lease and sale. Complete retest and rehab capabilities are available at both locations.

    Sold to Markel Corporation, October 2011

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