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    Built on legacy. Focused on the future.

    From Rick Horowitz, Chairman/CEO


    RAF is a different kind of equity. Our business is built upon three fundamental principles:
    We invest for the long term. We build meaningful partnerships. We believe in doing business the right way.

    Starting with these core values, we’ve developed a truly unique business model that positions us to win, outperform and help build world-class companies. Of course, we know that what we say isn’t what matters; rather, our performance and actions tell the tale. Our track record of building great partnerships and great companies spans more than four decades.

    Our approach to investing and operating flows from these bedrock principles. If we didn’t favor the long road, we couldn’t have developed our unmatched value-added services to assist our portfolio companies – providing access to expertise not typically available to middle-market companies.

    Naturally, that long road can be windy, bumpy and sometimes obscured by obstacles. Recognizing the importance of staying power and of having ready capital across all parts of the economic cycle, we’ve developed a unique financing model. Powered by a multi-bank group that doesn’t require principal payments, we can use prudent leverage without the risk that usually accompanies that leverage.

    If we weren’t focused on the high road, we couldn’t emphasize building great partnerships with our management teams, our employees and all other stakeholders – and we wouldn’t donate a specified percentage of our pretax profits to charity.

    We’re defined as much by what we are not as by what we are.

    We’re neither a private equity fund nor a family office. Unlike a private equity fund, we’re an operating business funded by capital with no expiration date. Unlike a family office, we have a governance structure that isn’t wholly dependent on any one individual and that’s designed to look beyond the horizon.

    We remain inspired every day by the words of our founder:

    “Our bottom line is people – people of the highest caliber. From our corporate staff to the former company owners, we build honest relationships with a shared commitment to success. At RAF, the most valuable deal is not a one-way commitment of capital. It is a mutual investment of confidence, respect and the desire for success over many years to come.” – The late Robert A. Fox

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